Try something new


Life saver
I recently bought this and have been using it every day. I love it. The medicated one is perfect but not too rough on the lips.


Living in a dream closet

Each day is a unique battle to find the right outfit for whatever event you are attending. Whether that event is work, outing, or just being lazy around your home and errand running. I have this dream that one day I could be content enough with the right basics in my closet. I do like to switch it up every once in a while. Fashion is meant to be a surprise not basic or predictable. Don’t be basic in your expression of wearable art.

While I try and make Pinterest my personal closet I am slowly realizing how much i love fashion. Not that I would wear some of the outrageous pieces of clothing but I do love them.

If you don’t use Pinterest then you are a fool. So get with it.


Like this outfit right here it looks so comfortable. All I really need are those shoes. If I could just blink and they would appear in my closet.


Comfy clothes are obviously the way to go. I say that because I don’t have any events to go to that require uncomfortable attire to impress.


And these shoes. They honestly speak for themselves.


If I am ever in Paris on a sunny day in front of the Eiffel Tower I want to look like this.

If you like these photos that I have posted well then we could possibly be friends. I basically live on Pinterest. It happens to the best of us.

get out

you don’t mean it but you have this tendency to crash into my dreams and turn them into nightmares.

i hate the way my heart wishes you would come back. you were the habit i quit and i want to keep it that way.

please excuse my weakness i have for you because that is all it is. you were the worst mistake. now i am better.

goodbye to the ones who held you back. the ones who left your life and you suddenly felt free.

walk out and don’t stop.

you are no longer welcome.


1 9 8 9



Taylor Swift released her new album today and I wrote what came to my mind when I heard songs for the first time.
I am a believer in making the moments count.

1. Welcome to New York
A dance that will last a lifetime.

2. Blank Space
Holy Crap!
Roll your windows down and let the inevitable beat of your heart spill out. “Nightmare dressed like a daydream” Best line! Girl Power. Total badass!

3. Style
total jam!

4. Out of the Woods
A call of love. Forbidden love. When you love and it’s too dangers. A cry really. Whoever –> *cough* Harry *cough* they are meant for each other.

5. All you had to do was stay
Rock pop beauty queen. Walking through the city. bight lights. so much opportunity.

6. Shake it Off
everything and more. finally telling that one person to bug off.

7. I wish you would
the comeback song! Right before the dream guy shows up on your doorstep. In a musical when the singing starts at your girls night about how you want him back. Singing all the way to his place.

8. Bad Blood
Leather pants. No going back, but that’s okay. I’m better off without you.
groove. Anthem.
finally realized what the problem was. Owning it. Be a total pop diva and groove!

9. Wildest Dreams
reminds me of Lana.
moment when laying in your room surrounded by memories of him. A dreamy sequence “even if you’re gone. Don’t forget the beautiful moments we had.”

10. How you get the girl
Run back
subway rides
fight for your girl.
A song at the end of the movie where runs into the shot, declares his love. and he says,
“want you for worse or for better
I would wait forever and ever
broke your heart
I’ll put it back together
I would wait forever and ever”

11. This Love
A dream
true love will come back. Twinkle lights. Fairytale come alive.
Just two people in that moment.

12. I know places
Dark streets
knee high boots
Lost Love

13. Clean
A new morning on the beach. When there is new opportunity.
Treachery and disaster disappear.
For the most part you thought you knew what was happening.
Wash your hands clean of bad times.

14. Wonderland
Waking up in a dream world.
Harry Styles – Cheshire Cat
A sad moment when you lose something you lost.

15. You are in love
the beautiful ballad we all want.
the single most beautiful moment.
all you hear is breaths hitting you face.
skin to skin
everything has changed.

16. New Romantics
80’s Rebels
This anthem of us!! Our cry
We own the night with our craziest dance moves.

Because everyone needs a dose of taylor being awesome!

And everything she does will always be a bit better than what we do.









This was a huge leap to go completely pop. I don’t just think she did a great job, I believe she smashed it! Every part of this album from the highs and lows it’s perfectly broken and beautiful. I have always been a fan of her honesty and this album shows her maturity and how far she has come with capturing emotion! If you are someone who just won’t listen to her music because of all the rumors that tag along with her….well it’s probably a good thing your life isn’t publicized because I am sure no one would want to be your friend due to rumors about your life.
So let’s just all love each other and dance around the world today as Taylor Swift has done it yet again.

If you are thinking about which album you should get….don’t think get the DELUXE!!! The additional 3 songs plus 3 memos are amazing! The way she allows other into her world is humbling.

Today we are all best friends with T. Swift!

Queen Taylor!

Flirting is not my forte

Where to begin… Well for starters I think I met the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. And he flirted with me and called me beautiful. But then I watched him walk out the door. Only to never see him again because he is moving to California.
So lesson to all those girls out there. Basically do everything opposite of me. Because I obviously don’t know how to flirt or act like a normal being.

So hopefully you better success than I do.

How do you even begin to tell a story that has no ending? That is the thing about life. It’s never really over. And we try and write the script. Al least try.
I do think it’s important to understand that you have to be willing to take a leap of faith and be bold about a decision in your life.

I have these massive dreams for myself and just about every day I have these new doubts in my mind. As if I can’t do anything, and that I will never be able to accomplish these massive dreams. But more importantly….if I just try something, anything, can happen.

I don’t want to be afraid of doing great things. I want to be able to be a little crazy and just do and not think.

Thrift store finds

Things I love in life: Coffee, Cuppa Tea, Sleep, Food, and Thrift Store finds.

When you enter into a thrift store it will be either one or two things. You will immediately see how disgusting it is and want to get the heck out of there. Then there is the every now and then sight of beautiful organization and so many choices of clothes to look at. That happened to me today. I began to aimlessly walk around and almost have a panic attack because of the amount of clothes I had to look at. I am not just talking about normal clothes. There were sparkles and name brands. I knew it was a sign when I saw a TV playing Mighty Ducks D3. You don’t get many signs in life, but if you ever see a Mighty Ducks movie playing you know something is right.

So this trip to the thrift store I found an awesome sweater and a pretty rad flannel shirt and all for the price of $5.00
A great thing about Goodwill thrift stores is if you are a student you can get a discount.

Go support your local thrift stores. You can not only find some awesome things, but you are supporting some amazing organizations.


Awkward Ramblings & One Step Plans

Step one to being successful…you have to start.¬†

Everyone has these dreams or imagine themselves doing something awesome or even living somewhere else. I know I am no expert. I like to think that I could be only because I have all of these in mind for myself. I want to share a little nugget of advice though. It’s never a bad time to start living out your dreams. I think sometimes we get too ahead of ourselves and end up quitting before we can ever get started.

So, my journey doesn’t necessarily start now, but I am going to act upon all those dreams and thoughts I have had.

Let’s get one thing straight though. I am the absolute worst person in interviews. I have this problem where I don’t say the right thing. I know most people would say, “You are being yourself and being honest. That is good.” Well let me just tell you something about interviewing. I may not have a vast knowledge and experience, but the little that I have I can tell when employers become uneasy or maybe impatient with my answer. I hate talking…so they make me answer questions that I have no idea what the answer is. They ask me what i don’t like about a certain job, and I can honestly say that I don’t have an answer but I feel compelled to say something. Thus starts the rambling. I hate my life.

Because of my inability to actually be a normal human being I want to capitalize on that missing part of my brain and create a brand all of my own. Something that I can be creative with.
That is my plan. Will it work? Not sure. But I am willing to try and give it my all. I  believe that we can change a part of our world and others if we just try.

I want to make an impact on the world I live in. Whether that is with people i know or more.

xoxo E

(Your welcome||||my success plan only has one step)

If you’re happy and you know it…

How do you ever really become truly happy?

That is a question I have been trying to come up with an answer to recently. I feel like the general population of this world are just trying to get by to be happy. I think this is the reason there is unhappiness in the world. I understand the need to do what is necessary to make ends meet and money is important. I guess what I don’t understand is how people can go through their entire life and not actually be passionate about something. I honestly believe this is a contributing factor to our society and economy.
I know you are probably thinking this is a silly conclusion that makes absolutely no sense. I think it makes every bit of perfect sense. When someone is passionate about a charity or business or even one product. That translates to better work ethic and even better sales. The cycle of business depends on passionate people.
You can be a critic and shout out that money is important, and don’t get me wrong it is very important, but when someone who is determined and passionate about something you might want to move out of the way.

Okay, so happiness is listening to your heart and what you are passionate about. What is good for this beautiful world. What is something that will benefit not only you but others. That is the important side note. Everything that you do affects others and so why not do something you love.
Now happiness is not always a business it can be love I guess. I am not in love and haven’t really been in love unless you count being in love with peanut butter. Because if that is possible than I am absolutely 100% in love at this moment.

While I think being in love is great I don’t think it is something that can make you completely happy. I know what you are thinking….and you are right. I don’t actually believe in true love and happily ever afters. I understand that people leave and aren’t always faithful. I am about to get all crazy Jesus on you. The love that comes from the Father is everything and that is true love. He doesn’t leave us. So though love from a significant other is important and is special it is not everything. I think what makes us truly happy through love from others is how we love them back and how we should the next generation how to love. A good example.

Happiness is not money or love. Happiness is all about YOU! And by you I mean you and your relationship with God and how you think you view this pretty awesome world. As screwed up as it is He came to save it. I guess then I am truly happy.

xoxo E


How does someone actually make a name for themselves? A question that looms over the minds of most people in the world. There really isn’t an answer that would please every person. It takes luck, knowing the right people, and extremely hard work.

I want to make a name for myself. I don’t have this huge desire to be some famous person. I just want to be remembered for being persistent and loyal to my passions. Basically every day I wake up I think all day about how I can conquer my dreams or live them out and see the world and make a difference.
Right now I have so many things in my head that I don’t know how to actually organize them to spill them out on this blog. Not like anyone reads it. If you do then you should know that I am random, but I am burning with passion to be somewhat of a good person. I have always wanted to write a book. My story with funny shorts and an overall reason for people to laugh at my life. Let’s face it my life is not like anyone else’s. Think about it. I am a dreamer. Okay that’s normal, but the part that is not normal is my family dynamics. There are 5 kids in the family. I am the middle child. I was a bit of a wild child. So that dynamics and then add the fact that my dad was the Headmaster at all the schools I attended through high school.

So this post is a bit boring and I so sorry for that.

What is it like to have a “normal” upbringing? I actually don’t believe in such a thing as normal. I am by no means a traditionalist. I like to switch things up a bit and make sure that I am not going like everyone else in the world that is my age. Marriage and having a normal job is not something that something I want right now. I love the fact that I can be free to create and try and make a better world for me and others around me.

Alrighty, I am going to end this ridiculous blog that has no point. Well, the only point to this post is that if you have some sort of crazy dream that seems impossible……PLEASE DO IT!!!! For all of us that dream the most ridiculous things, please do it! And please tell me your insane dreams! I want to encourage you and be updated!!