My hipster filter

Today I bought a Pumpkin Spice Latte. In my mind it is now Fall. So everyone break out your cute sweaters and adorable boots or keys. The season is here. Cool Kids.

Let your crazy hair fly with the wind and turn the music up. We aren’t going to stop until the nights get too cold. And even then we you can find us by the fire roasting marshmallows.

I live in Florida. And none of this happens. I just dream about it when I look through Tumblr and magazines. Day dreaming again.
Off to the post office to send some mail across the pond.

xoxo  E


There comes a day when you start to realize that it is okay to not have as many friends as you think you should. Like when you would have contests to see how many Facebook friends you could gain. Now it should be the least amount of friends.
Not that you shouldn’t have a ton of friends, but do you benefit from all your friends?

I think friendships should be benefitted on both sides. Recently I have been coming to the conclusion that having a lot of friends is quite exhausting. The actual keeping up with them all and trying to keep up with their lives, but in reality I am not there and I feel worse when I don’t remember a birthday or am not there for big events.

The goal should be to not have a lot of friends, but to have good reliable friends. Those who have your back and who help you in becoming a better human being. I have had the feeling that…..well really the need for great friends who build up rather than tear down.

Life Lessons: To see the good, but to be aware of negative aspects in others. That even if they seem like great people, if you walk away from their company feeling exhausted from trying to tip toe around their feelings, well they aren’t worth your time.
I keep trying to tell myself this. To be nice , but at the same time try and watch out for me.

Friends are pretty amazing people. They can literally make your life better by just a single act. So don’t give up on your friends. See the good in them and try and encourage them as much as you can.

Believe in Kindness.

xoxo E

Loss and Life Lessons

Every day life throws a curve ball.

All of a sudden in my life I am experiencing a lot of loss. Whether it was someone I knew a while ago or someone I was very close to. I don’t know the correct way to grieve. I don’t know what it means to process things. I just kind of shut down. I don’t like it when people continually tell me that everything will be okay.

Everything has its timing. That I understand. I can comprehend that concept.
I think the part of life coming to an end that I just can’t grasp is when you see that person a lot and then all of sudden you won’t see them anymore. They aren’t there to make you smile. They aren’t there to bring up the beautiful memories. They simply are never there anymore.

My heart is broken a little. But not like when a human being lets you down. This is like it was taken away from me. When my grandmother passed away it was one of the most tragic things I have ever experienced. That was the first time I could fully understand what loss felt like.

Live each day with passion.

xoxo E


We are the cool kids

It’s Tuesday and the day has started off with new music for me. So that is not a bad way to start the day, at least for me. I got Echosmith’s album “Talking Dreams” It is pretty amazing! So if you are looking for something new you should get it. The album actually came out last year, but it is new to me. I really like this group. They bring something creative and new to the table. They are all siblings and that alone makes them stand out. They grew up with great influences in their life. Their parents had them listening to good music from day one.
Everyone needs a parent who is going to start them off right musically.

Even if you don’t start the day off with awesome new music. You should at the very least start the day off with some great music.

So today will be wonderful. It will be productive!

Okay so now I have to go to work.

Don’t give up on those little dreams. The daily achievements help us get to the big ones. Stand proud and don’t give up!

xoxo E

Can’t Stop Thinking

Every time I think to write a post it’s well after midnight. I don’t know exactly why this is. I would have to say it’s because this is the time of day when I get all these crazy ideas going. I am not the biggest fan of it being that way, but it’s better than having no ideas at all.

The life of a creator. It is never ending and there is no such thing as down time. Even when you sit and have a meal or lay down to go to sleep your mind is still going about new ideas and you can’t stop it. I seriously will be watching a television show and making a mental list of everything I need to research or start to do.
Like right now I stopped to make a quick list. Gosh, I can’t catch a break, but I would rather have a million ideas be coming at me than have nothing and be stressed because I can’t think of anything.

So update this past week has been crazy and amazing all at the same time. I think I can pretty much classify myself as an entrepreneur. It’s what I want to do. I am a living breathing think tank. It seems like every day I think of some cool idea. A way to unite or a cool place to hang out and such.

So if you sometimes feel like you can’t escape the ever running wheels of your mind; you are not alone my friend.

I am going to try and focus all those ideas into going to sleep now.
Good luck to all you dreamers out there!


xoxo E

Being Brave

Sometimes I am too concerned with what others are thinking about me and my decisions. I don’t always think like that, but when it comes to major choices in my life I am frequently trying to figure out if other approve of what I do…only for the support.

So here I am. I have ideas to be great and do some pretty awesome things.

The next couple of months are going to be a new learning process for me and I could not be more excited about it.

Donuts tomorrow morning. I am finally going to have processed sugar after a week of not having it!!!!


First Design

The American dream. Well, something like that. I have told you a little about Hwy Americana. I think I did. I have taken the next step in branding and put it on a shirt. This is just the beginning. The original design. If you want to support and be a part of Hwy Americana order a shirt.

Here is the link

I think the design is pretty cool. But I have to say that.

Post college/the rest of my life

What are you doing with your life?
Oh, you graduated from college, that’s wonderful.
What did you graduate with?
Oh, that’s very neat.
What can you do with that degree?
Where are you working now?
Part time job huh? 
Don’t worry you will find something just right for you.


These are pretty common questions or phrases that I hear. Especially because I graduated with more of an art degree. Well art focused. Apparently if you are creative the likelihood of you snagging a job that pays well enough to support you is about as slim as meeting and playing a football game with David Beckham. His retired so that may be a little difficult. When you look at 5 to 10 years ago when people graduated from college and going from there to internships to jobs it was fairly common.
Today things are done different. We have had people come before us and tear down the door between regular humans and starting a new business and making it on your own. The possibilities are officially endless and the door no longer is being guarded by a gatekeeper. Thanks to the internet we can basically do anything. I see this as good and bad. Good because we can be creative and contribute wonderful things to the world. Bad because there are idiots in the world with a bunch of money and can now do whatever. LAME! Tar and feather them for their idiotic amounts of money they inherited.

As you can probably guess I don’t have a full time job. I don’t know what it is like to have money. I am okay with that for right now, but it needs to change. I have this belief that every person’s journey looks a little different.

I have this idea that we are all on this journey..on a highway…highway americana. We are contributing to culture past, present and future. We matter. We as in every person. All generations. Especially the upcoming generation who will be the future leaders. So cliche sounding, but it’s true. In addition to this amazing journey we all get to have in life; I want to be someone who gets to see the country I proudly call home. A road trip for the ages.

So that’s what I will be working towards this year.

A story

Dear anyone,

I know you may not know who I am and I don’t know much about you either. But one thing that connects us as humans is that we have dreams. We have a story. It may be different for each person, but we are in fact similar with a purpose.

We are all going down highway americana